Samsung Galaxy S3 Features

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  • Gill, In my opinion samsung outdid the iphone with the galaxy S 2 and the new galaxy S 3 seem to really blow away the competition, hands down!. It will be interesting to see what apple does with the iPhone 5 to compete with the S3.

    • ChristusGill

      I agree. Rumour has it that the iPhone 5 will be released this month. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what they bring to the table.

      • Several blogs have revealed that the iPhone 5 will have only minor changes to the look. If that’s true, I think apple should’ve refined the design to at least give the device a fresh look and feel. That said, function is more important than form in my books. The galaxy S3 has totally blown me away with it’s cutting edge functionality….I am so anxious to see apples new reveal and how it stacks up against the S3..:)

  • Ramian Gyan

    @damian Matty, sumsang a bunch of copy cats, please pay apple 1billion dollars in damage. please and thank you.

    • While we’re on the subject… copied ideas from xerox, Microsoft and the others we don’t know about….did they get sued? I think apple’s claims that sumsang copied their patents is plain childish and an effort to forestall the competition’s progress. In my opinion sumsang took an “idea” that apple had already implemented and made it their own….companies do it all the time. sit tight and watch the iPhone and iPad take second place, you idiot of an apple fan boy.